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December 12, 2016

We’ve been busy this week buying,selling and building cars!
Bought 2 really nice Camaros

  1. 1967 Camaro ”Custom” Convertible
  2. 1969 Camaro ”Pro street”

Both are listed & posted in Inventory but the 67 has only a few pictures.It is in the detail shop getting ready for sale.Look for more pictures and a video soon.

We sold the Green 69 Camaro RS/SS. It is staying right here in Maryland too!
Thanks John & enjoy your new ride! See you at the car shows & cruise nights!
We also closed the deal on the 62 CORVETTE, it’s going to sunny Florida and the 69 AMX was delivered to it’s new home in Northern Illinois. Bought ”sight unseen” the new owner couldn’t be happier !! NICE CAR !!

Our builds are getting closer to being completed too !!
We got the 69 GTO ram air car running and it sounds awesome like a ram air engine should. We also started assembling the front end sheet metal and installed the front & rear glass too.
With any luck that car will be done later this upcoming week.
The 69 C.O.P.O Camaro is coming along nicely too.We expect that car also to be running & driving later this week.
I just picked up the1970 L-78 Chevelle from the paint shop and it looks GREAT!!
Special thanks to Mike’s Auto Everything in White Marsh Md for the quality work.
You guys are ”DA BOMB” !!!

”SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT” Finally after a year of hard work,bloody knuckles cussing & bitching we are happy to announce that the ”Lemans Blue” 69 Camaro Convertible is DONE!!
It is in the detail shop getting wet sanded and buffed and finalized. This car is really beautiful.
We will be posting pictures and a video later this week.

Here’s a little piece of advice from a guy who’s ”been there and done that! ”BUY EM’ DONE!!!
Building cars is no joke and is not as easy as you see on T.V. It is extremely time and money consuming and will eat up your life unless you know what your doing and can do it yourself.
Most of all you can’t build these cars for what I sell them for already done and ready to go.
Don’t kid yourself !!!

F.Y.I. We decided to have the 68 Chevelle SS396 Convertible repainted. All the buffing in the world wasn’t bringing that 30 plus year old paint back to life. It needs no body or rust repair just to be disassembled ,buzzed down,taped off and squirted, so why not !! It will take that car to a whole new level of NICE!! Look for that one to get done

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