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Tips for Getting Your Classic Car Ready for a Show

One of the most rewarding aspects of owning a classic car — especially if you acquired it from Show Cars of Boca Raton — is displaying it for spectators to ogle. You want your vintage vehicle to be in top shape when you bring it to a car collector’s meetup or cruise-in. Never attended a car show before? Here are some beginner’s tips so you and your car make a great impression.

Give the car an extra clean

You should already be regularly maintaining and cleaning your classic Mustang or Corvette to preserve its condition and value. Before you display it at a car show, give your ride an extra last-minute scrub and shine to make it glow. Do this on an overcast, temperate day that isn’t sweltering hot.

Give your Jaguar or Porsche the full treatment with a car-safe soap and sponge, hand-drying with microfiber cloths, using a clay bar or restoration solution for problem spots, and finishing with a wax and polish. Give extra attention to chrome trim. On the inside, vacuum every nook and wipe the vinyl with protectant.

If the car show bestows awards and you want to impress the judges, be extra thorough with tidying your prized Firebird or GTO. A spotless car shows that you take ownership seriously.

Add some personality

How will you make your classic Corvette stand out from the dozens of others on display? Think of creative, memorable ways to delight onlookers that doesn’t mar or permanently deface your vehicle. Some owners have items like custom seat covers, a personalized sun shade, trinkets in the rear window, or a vanity license plate.

Lean into your car’s history. You can play music from a boombox from the product year of your car. Print signage about how you acquired the car, the model’s history, and trivia regarding its production. Display a scale replica toy or painted plastic model to show your fun side.

Bring what you need

It’s easy to think all about preparing your car and forget to prepare yourself! Think about how you’ll spend your day and what the show will be like.

Bring comfortable folding chairs to give your legs a rest after strolling around, pack plenty of bottled water and snacks, grab some cash for show vendors, and squirt some sunscreen if it’s hot outside. If it’s a scorching sunny day, consider bringing a small canopy tent if the venue allows it or an umbrella if it might rain. Sunglasses, hats, and comfortable shoes are important attire. An emergency kit of car-safe cleaning wipes, a tire iron, and jumper cables can get you out of a jam.

Transport the car carefully

Anyone who prefers to keep their classic car in storage instead of going on joy rides can feel nervous about driving the car to and from the show — especially if the event is multiple hours away. Be extra cautious when driving by minimizing distractions and avoiding high-traffic roads and times of day.

Live in a crowded metropolitan region like Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach and feel uneasy driving your pristine Ferrari in heavy traffic? You can hire a professional automotive transportation service to shuttle your classic car to and from the venue in an enclosed trailer.

Be ready to socialize

Once you arrive at the car show, spend your day interacting with curious spectators. Make friends with a fellow attendee who shares your interest in 1960s European imports or whatever niche you’re in. Car shows are a great place to find like-minded classic car enthusiasts in your area and get invited to local meetups throughout the year.  

Want to bring a new treasure to your next car show? Find a collector’s vehicle you can be proud of when you do business with Show Cars of Boca Raton.

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