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Pros and Cons of Vintage Car Ownership
Are you considering purchasing a vintage car but are uncertain whether it’s a wise idea? There are some benefit and downsides to owning an antique vehicle manufactured almost 100 years ago.

Pro: Satisfaction

It’s hard to understand the feeling of satisfaction you get from driving a vintage car until you own one. In addition to making you the star of the show, vintage cars are often more connected to the road and demand more of your attention to drive. A cruise around the block is anything but mundane.

Con: Infrequent drives

As satisfying as they are to drive, vintage cars do not tend to make great daily drivers for commuting to work or the shopping mall. Frequent use is likely to only accelerate the deterioration caused by age. Before buying a vintage car, ask yourself if you’ll be happy driving it only on special occasions.

Pro: Potential new friends

As you near retirement, it’s healthy to find community involving a hobby that you enjoy. Vintage car enthusiasts are always looking for like-minded people who also appreciate historic vehicles. Owning a vintage car can get you invited to join a local club for meetups, luncheons, and cruises.

Con: Safety

Vintage cars from a century ago don’t have the many safety features that modern vehicles do. They won’t protect you in an accident the way newer cars can with their superior air bags, brakes, seat belts, and crumple zones. You’ll have to be careful — and think twice about taking it on the highway.

A vintage car is a great purchase if you intend to keep it in storage or on display as a collector’s item with only occasional drives to local destinations. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, contact Show Cars of Boca Raton. We can help you find your favorite historic car and ship it to your driveway!


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