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Classic Ford Mustang vs. Modern Mustang: Which Should You Buy?

Everyone has imagined owning a Ford Mustang at some point. This legendary pony car was the first dream car for many young Americans and inspired them to buy a classic car as an adult. Are you ready to join the Mustang club? Here’s why you should choose a classic Ford Mustang instead of a new, modern Mustang.

You’re driving a piece of history

Every vintage vehicle has a story to tell, especially if it’s a classic Ford Mustang. This storied sports car is steeped in a half-century of automotive innovation. When you’re behind the wheel of a 1965 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 or 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429, you’re driving a memento of yesteryear. It’s practically nostalgia on wheels!

When you step into an old Mustang, you’re mentally transported back in time. Modern Mustangs can transport you from Point A to Point B, but they can’t transport you from today to the past. You can buy a 2023 Ford Mustang from the manufacturer, but being its first owner means it doesn’t have decades of memories under its belt.

Choose from hundreds of versions

Like any currently produced automobile, the latest Ford Mustang models come in limited designs, colors, and versions. You’re limited to what the manufacturer currently offers unless you’re willing to pay extra for aftermarket customization. And the options may not suit your style.
However, when you shop for a classic Ford Mustang, you draw from a wide array of builds, designs, and packages from prior generations that span dozens of production years. Want a Boss 429, a Shelby GT500 Cobra Jet, or an SVO? You can’t order those through your corner Ford dealership; you can only find those on the pre-owned collector’s market through an acquisition dealer like Show Cars of Boca Raton.

Different driving dynamics

Anyone who’s driven a classic car knows that it handles differently from a modern car. The Ford Mustang is no exception. Its contemporary generation is tuned to optimal efficiency, safety, and stability, making it a suitable daily commuter vehicle.

Classic Mustangs only cared about strength and speed. No contemporary Mustang can replicate the sound of a bellowing Boss 302 V8 engine or the breakneck propulsion of a vintage stick-shift transmission. Every curve feels tighter and every hill feels steeper.

It’s true that modern Mustangs have higher top speeds, superchargers, and transmissions that make them accelerate faster, but you simply feel faster when you’re seated in an older car.

Unique style that stands out

What’s going to stand out in a crowd: a classic Mustang or a modern Mustang? That’s an easy question to answer. Modern Mustang designs bear many appearance similarities to other sports cars; they all follow contemporary trends to stay relevant.

If you want a car that looks unique, rewind the clock and follow what was trendy in the past. A classic Mustang won’t disappear in a crowded parking lot. Its elongated hood, fastback roofline, wide fenders, and sprawling grille are unlike anything most people are driving. When you pull up to a traffic light in a vintage Mustang, people notice.

A smart investment

Here’s the best news: Because of the abundance of Mustangs sold over the years, it’s easy to find a pre-owned classic Mustang at a price comparable to a brand-new one. Although you could buy a new Mustang, why not spend that money on a vehicle that you’ll treasure — and will retain its value over time as a collector’s piece?

Whether you’re a collector or someone who’s ready to own their dream car, contact Show Cars of Boca Raton. We’ll help you locate and ship your classic Ford anywhere in the continental United States.

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