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Best New and Classic Luxury Sedans Ever Made | Boca Raton, FL
Sedans are no longer the highest-selling type of automobile in the nation. But, there was a time when sedans were all the rage — as the best models on the market were all sedans. Here’s a look back on some of the top luxury sedans of all time, as well as some newer models that are carrying the torch.

Aston Martin Rapide

Anything bearing the Aston Martin badge is a work of art, but the Rapide earns special acclaim as one of the most highly lauded luxury cars ever produced. This stretched sports sedan proves that four-door cars can be just as gorgeous as two-door models — if designed well.

This prestigious model ran from 2010-2019 before it was retired. The naturally aspirated V12 engine on the Rapide AMR made it one of the fastest, strongest sedans on the market. And its abundance of premium cabin materials makes it a truly sumptuous ride for collectors.


Jaguar Mk2

There have been numerous Jaguar models over the century that could’ve made this list of top luxury cars, so which one should we choose? Our heart lies with the Mark 2.

This sports saloon from the 1960s defined the timeless grace of Jaguar models that had come before and would come in the decades after. Its smooth, clean form and rounded silhouette are still signature Jaguar design elements — as is the simple yet sophisticated interior. Luckily, the popularity of the Jaguar Mark II makes it a relatively easy piece for collectors to track down.

Porsche Panamera

The Panamera is practically synonymous with modern elegance. As one of the best current Porsche models, the four-door Panamera made some waves when it debuted a decade ago. It signaled a new direction for the brand toward wider-appealing models than the elite coupes and roadsters the brand had been known for.

Still, the Panamera retained the lively handling and sloped front-end of the 911 while offering more interior space. Plus, it introduced innovations to the lineup like plug-in hybrid technology, remaining at the forefront of the luxury sedan segment.


Lincoln Continental

Classic American sedans have earned the right to be on this list alongside European ones — and no model more so than the Lincoln Continental. The long, flat sedan evoked archetypal American luxury in the mid-20th century, especially in the 1960s, its peak years of popularity.

Technically a four-door coupe, the Continental is available in an iconic convertible version made for cruising — especially with that robust V8 under the hood. And who could forget the car’s bench seats and wood-lined dashboard? It’s practically a limousine for everyday folk.


Mercedes-Benz 600

As the flagship model for Daimler-Benz from the mid-1960s to 1980, the Mercedes-Benz 600 was an served as the forerunner of the modern Maybach marque. That’s no surprise considering how exquisite this ultra-luxurious saloon is.

The 600 was available as either a short-wheelbase model or a long-wheelbase version that contained more limousine-like features. Many celebrities have owned Mercedes 600 Grossers over the years, including musicians like Elvis Presley, Eric Clapton, David Bowie, and John Lennon.


Cadillac Seville

Ask automotive enthusiasts which American brand most embodied the U.S. industry’s premium segment over the past century, and most will say Cadillac. The Seville was a pillar of the brand’s lineup almost four decades, enduring many design changes over the years.

As big as the Seville was, it was surprisingly the automaker’s first “small” car. Designers aimed to take all of the brand’s signature elements and squeeze them into a small yet impeccable package. The result is a near-perfect model that ran for five generations and helped represent U.S. automotive luxury on the global market.

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